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Do you have any computer/ desk users?

DSE workstation assessment

Do your employees use computers in their day-to-day work? Are you aware of the potential health risks of using PCs or laptops, particularly for prolonged periods? Does your organisation have measures in place to ensure your workstations are safe, and your employees can access specialist advice if they need it? Although offices are generally safe working environments, using computers – especially over long periods – can trigger or worsen various health conditions, including upper limb pain and injury, stress, back pain and eye strain. For most people, these risks can be minimised using a simple risk assessment, that either you or your employees can carry out. If one of your employees has an injury that may be triggered or made worse by their workstation, you may also benefit from an on-site visit from an occupational health specialist, such as Imperial Heath at Work, who can advise you on what modifications may be helpful.