Imperial Health at Work


Do you want to know how improving the health and wellbeing of your staff can help productivity and efficiency?

Targeted health education

Targeted health education is more about identifying a specific health need among your workforce and planning and delivering health promotion activities that will address that need. These programmes are often identified through looking at common causes for staff sickness or where there has been a significant trigger such as employee illness or accident. Recent examples that we have developed for our customers include a training package and information leaflet on voice care for call handlers in a national contact centre and a toolbox talk style session on noise and hearing protection for a construction sub-contractor.

Health promotion campaigns/wellness communication

Every business needs healthy employees who can deliver high levels of productivity. Business with healthy employees can perform better and be more profitable than those with significant pockets of staff sickness and absenteeism. In smaller businesses, even one or two employees in poor health can have a huge impact on business performance. It is well established that work itself is good for the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Those out of work generally suffer more long-term health problems and can have a shorter life expectancy and lower quality of life than those in work and this can also have a direct effect on the rest of the employee’s family. Wellbeing initiatives aren’t necessarily about getting in nurses to give talks about healthy eating, exercise and stopping smoking. Instead, it can be about simple changes you can make so your everyday running of your business promotes health over the long term. This can be through your managers learning management techniques that improve employee engagement, training them to recognise when individuals are struggling, and learning how to assessing and manage increasing stress levels. Of course 1:1 or group advice and information for employees from a health specialist can help employees to understand how their choices are affecting their health and what small personal behavioural steps can make a difference.

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