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Skin assessment / Surveillance

Many employees are at risk of skin disease through their everyday work. Jobs where your hands are frequently wet or exposed to dusts, chemicals or latex gloves may pose risks of contact or allergic skin reactions. These conditions can become chronic and disabling if appropriate investigations and treatment are not offered, so it’s important to act quickly if you notice signs of allergy or a persistent problem. In the first instance, you should seek occupational health advice to help identify and resolve the problem. Some skin problems, such as dermatitis, may be reportable to HSE under RIDDOR, if work is identified as being the cause.

In many cases, simple skin checks by a responsible person in the workplace will be sufficient to pick up signs of any skin damage before it becomes permanent. And, where problems are identified, a referral to an occupational health specialist can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Remember to treat your skin kindly - the health of your skin can play an important role in your happiness at work and at home.