Imperial Health at Work

Screening & Immunisations

Many employers require evidence that their prospective workers meet the health, physical and psychological requirements of the job. Imperial Health and Wellbeing offers pre-placement screening processes to identify those recruits who need additional help or support to undertake their role. Recommendations can then be made to recruiting managers about reasonable adjustments for recruits with health issues or disabilities. Medical confidentially is strictly preserved at all stages of the process as employers only need to know how a condition might affect a person's ability to work, and what can be done to make it easier for a person to perform their job role.

Our online screening processes can be initiated and managed by the employer, or by us, but only our nursing or medical team will see the health information, and conduct assessments.

National guidelines clearly describe the immunisation requirements for healthcare workers. Doctors, nurses, therapists, support workers and social care workers may have to provide evidence of immunity either on commencement (if directly employed by the NHS or local authority) or before they will be allowed to work for agencies that supply staff to NHS and local authority health and care services. 

Imperial Health and Wellbeing screens to accredited standards including the London Procurement Partnership and Government Procurement Service frameworks, and the certificates of compliance provide assurance that staff are protected, and that those in your care are not put at risk of vaccine-preventable disease from you. We only use CPA-accredited laboratories and authorised national reference laboratories, which operate at the highest level of quality and safety.