Imperial Health at Work

Workplace Immunisations and Immunity or infection testing

National guidelines clearly describe the immunisation requirements for healthcare workers. Doctors, nurses, therapists, support workers and social care workers may have to provide evidence of immunity before they will be allowed to work for agencies that supply staff to NHS and local authority health and care services.  Imperial Health at Work screens to accredited standards including the London Procurement Partnership and Government Procurement Service and the certificates of compliance provide you and the regulators the assurance that you are protected and that people in your care are not put at risk of vaccine preventable disease from you.

We also can assess, screen and provide confirmation of compliance with national requirements for healthcare workers wishing to join the "Performers List" which is a system to ensure that the required checks meet the tough quality standard required.  

If you have a blood borne virus infection such as HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C and wish to work in dentistry, maternity or operating theatres we comply with Department of Health and Public Health England standards for testing for infectivity, registration on the national register (as applicable) and that you will be under the medical supervision of an occupational health physician.

National policy has changed so that if you have HIV you may be able to undertake high risk procedures on patients if we can demonstrate compliance with treatment and that the infection is under control.  This rule change is now opening employment opportunities that many people lost when strict exclusion regimes were imposed by Department of Health.  Get in touch with us to see if we can help you return to this type of work.