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Do you have workers who are expected to work in confined spaces?

Confined space medicals

Does your business involve your employees working in confined spaces? Are you confident the individuals concerned are fit to carry out this kind of work? Have you checked they don’t have any medical conditions which – together with the risks of working in confined spaces – might put them at a greater risk of injury? A confined space is defined as a space which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely), where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or near to it. This could be as a result of a lack of oxygen, poisonous or flammable gas residues left in tanks, or conditions leading to a dangerous increase in body temperature. People who work in confined spaces may need a medical to check their fitness for this type of work – and ensure they don’t have any medical conditions that may make them more likely to incur an injury when working in a confined environment.