Imperial Health at Work


Do your employees have to meet specific health or fitness requirements for the proposed role?

New starter screening / medical with advice on individual adjustments

New starter screening, often referred to as pre-employment screening is a useful way of identifying gaps in a new recruit’s capability to undertake all work tasks due to health or disability and to obtain expert advice and support in identifying adjustments to fill those gaps. Also, where health surveillance is required for new workers exposed to physical or chemical hazards new starter screening will provide baseline medical information that will be useful as a comparator throughout their employment. Since the Equality Act 2010 came into force 1 October 2010 it has been illegal to undertake health checks or ask health-related questions to most candidates prior to the offer of a job although some sectors such as off-shore oil and gas work or diving have statutory requirements for good health which will require a medical assessment prior to appointment: most other industries do not have this requirement.